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Mike Allen

Mike leads the PhycoMexUK project. Mike is an Associate Professor of Single Cell Genomics at the University of Exeter, a Merit Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and an Honorary Fellow of the School of Physics at Bristol University.

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Amy is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Exeter and is working on the outreach, communications and networking for PhycoMExUK. She is also working to source biomass and co-ordinate the project.

Amy Pilsbury

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Leopoldo Herrera

Polo has a PhD in biotechnology from the University of Manchester. He is an expert in microalgae biotechnology including biofertilisers and biostimulants and works with Biorganix, one of our industrial partners at PhycoMExUK. 

Julio Suárez

Julio is a professor of Physical Biochemistry at the University of Baja California heading the ecosystem management programme. He is a specialist in biotechnology and enterprise and is one of our Mexico based research partners.

James Smith

James is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Exeter.

He is working with our Mexican partners developing and delivering plant trials accessing the efficacy of seaweed-based fertiliser products.

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