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Updated: May 6, 2020

Our team are based at multiple research organisations over the South West of England and also in Mexico. This week we took a trip to the beautiful University of Bath campus to visit Professor Chris Chuck (@ChuckGroup) and the research team; Ed Jones (@The_Real_Ed_J), Elana Karamerou and Sophie Parsons.

University of Bath campus

After a tour of the laboratory facilities, we sat and discussed the sargassum problem and set about planning where to begin our research. Ed and Elena are going to run some trials in both hydrothermal liquefaction and hydrothermal carbonisation to optimise conditions for producing raw aqueous phase fertilisers. Varying temperatures and pressures can change the fractions of each output phase. We will be analysing these for nutrient concentrations to identify how they may be used in the field. Then they will be shipped off to Mexico for crop trials to see how best they can be used to grow agricultural crops.

From left to right: Amy Pilsbury (me!), Professor Mike Allen, Professor Chris Chuck, Dr Sophie Parsons, Dr Elena Karamerou and Ed Jones

First we just need seaweed, and lots of it - better get out collecting samples from the local beaches!

Next week, we're off to Bristol to meet with an interesting company who are using technology to harvest sargassum in the field. Stay tuned.

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