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  • Amy Pilsbury


Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Our first PhycoMExUK vlog takes a look at what we mean by hydrothermal processing. Stay tuned to discover just how we process our seaweed!

Recently, we took a trip up to the University in Bath to find out more about Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) and Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) and to take a look at some processing in action.

We met Ed and Elena who work on the PhycoMExUK project, processing Sargassum samples and working to identify the perfect conditions to produce the ideal balance of products. They are also investigating the application of up-stream processing to create useful fertiliser and biofuel products.

The processes are also interesting in terms of removing and converting plastics and heavy metals from the ocean system. We are hoping to investigate these further as the project goes on.

Follow us @PhycoMExUK to keep up to date!

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